Avoid Common Mistakes When Buying a New Car

buying a new car

Getting a new car can be exciting, but it’s also a big financial commitment. If you’re aware of frequent car-buying mistakes, though, you can make informed decisions as you go through the process. Here are some common blunders to avoid when you’re shopping for a new ride.

Mistake #1: Not Researching Enough

There’s a lot to consider before settling on the vehicle that fits your budget and lifestyle, so it makes good sense to start with some research. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety speaks to safety concerns with its comprehensive ratings that you can sort by make and model.

You may also want to look into some reviews on other features that are important to you. Sites such as Consumer Reports offer a variety of best/worst lists, like Best American Cars, Best New Cars under $30,000, Best/Worst Third-Row Seats and other rankings.

Doing the leg work to narrow down your list can help you focus when you actually begin shopping — either at the dealer or online.

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Written by Allstate