Key Trends Pushing Up Auto Repair Costs

Modern technology has made today’s automobiles the most feature-packed vehicles ever to take to the roads. Technology is a double-edged sword, however. While it has helped to create these modern miracles of engineering and made their modern conveniences possible, it has also driven up the costs of general maintenance...

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Shank & Falvey Insurance Sponsors the Northern Columbia Little League for 2018 Season. Please Come Support our Players

Shank & Falvey Insurance is pleased to announce our sponsorship with the Northern Columbia Little League. The Northern Columbia Little League serves the children of northern Columbia County, New York who reside in the Ichabod Crane Central School District. NCLL offers baseball and softball programs for boys and...

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How to Jump Start a Car: Tips and Ideas

Once you have the cables handy and a friend has agreed to let you use a working automobile to charge your dead battery, here are the steps to take, according to Edmunds: Park the two cars close together, but make sure they don’t touch. Then, turn both cars off. Connect the positive jumper cable...

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