Buying a Home? 10 Considerations for The Inspection

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Inspections are among the most important aspects of purchasing a new home. If you don’t thoroughly evaluate the abode before signing the contract, you could take on a money pit of sorts – and one that ends up being far more expensive than the agreed-upon sale price.

Here are 10 tips to help avoid unpleasant surprises with your new home:

1. Inspect the inspector
More likely than not, you’re going to bring a professional home inspector in to check out the structure. Bankrate, a consumer financial services company, states that not evaluating the person responsible for the inspection is the top mistake individuals make when purchasing or selling a house. You’ll need to vet the inspector, ensuring he or she has a strong track record of getting the inspection right. Past that, you’ll want to double check to ensure that the inspector is focusing on the areas below. Click here to learn what questions you should ask before hiring a home inspector.


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Written by Selective Insurance