Clients Using Drones? Help Them Comply with Part 107

drones, insurance and part 107

A news broadcaster captures unique images from above. A real estate agent uses aerial footage of a home in a property listing. A contractor inspects hard-to-reach areas of a job site more safely.

As important business tools for companies of all sizes, drones are growing in popularity among small businesses.

But when a drone is used for business purposes rather than for recreation, it becomes subject to the small unmanned aircraft rule, also known as Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Federal Aviation Regulations.

Part 107 makes it easier for small businesses that operate drones to comply with airspace rules. The rule opens vast opportunities for small businesses to serve their customers and innovate in ways they haven’t before imagined.

But with these benefits come responsibility and liabilities. Consider pointing your clients to a few of the policies that will best protect their businesses—and ensure they stay compliant:


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Written by Scott Duffin