Rear End Collisions and Your Insurance Coverage

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Car accidents are one of the main things that drivers need to worry about while on the road but not only do drivers have to worry about themselves and their aptitude for safety, they need to worry about everyone with whom they share the road. One of the most common car accidents is a “rear-end collision”. The definition is self-explanatory, when the front end of one car collides with the back end of another car.

For most experienced drivers, it is fairly expected that if you crash the front end of your car into the back of another, it is your fault. This is because all drivers are supposed to come to a complete stop regardless of the situation in front of them, as stated in State traffic laws. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If the driver ahead of you is being negligent, such as talking on their phone or texting, and they come to a sudden stop and you hit them, the driver whose vehicle was struck from behind may be partially responsible.

The fact is fault may be situation based. If you are driving, you’re distracted, and your car hits the car in front of you, then you are at fault and will have to pay for the resulting damages. But if you’re safely driving and suddenly the car in front of you blows a tire and does not move to the shoulder and you end up hitting them, the driver whose car was hit could possibly carry some responsibility for the damages.

There are even times when three cars could be involved in a rear end collision.

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