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ways to save on car insurance, NYCM

Ways to Save on your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can be an expensive cost for many drivers, especially teen drivers or parents of young drivers. Rates can be high due to the increased liability young drivers pose. However, auto insurance discounts are available for a variety of driver types and can be substantial when combined. For instance, many...

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buying a new car

Avoid Common Mistakes When Buying a New Car

Getting a new car can be exciting, but it’s also a big financial commitment. If you’re aware of frequent car-buying mistakes, though, you can make informed decisions as you go through the process. Here are some common blunders to avoid when you’re shopping for a new ride. Mistake #1:...

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Tips for Rotating Your Tires

To help make sure that your tires are in good condition and functioning properly, they should to be checked and rotated regularly — typically every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, says Edmunds. Since many manufacturers have different recommendations for tire rotation, consult your owner’s manual or instructions specific to your vehicle. It’s also important to know that tires...

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Key Trends Pushing Up Auto Repair Costs

Modern technology has made today’s automobiles the most feature-packed vehicles ever to take to the roads. Technology is a double-edged sword, however. While it has helped to create these modern miracles of engineering and made their modern conveniences possible, it has also driven up the costs of general maintenance...

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How to Jump Start a Car: Tips and Ideas

Once you have the cables handy and a friend has agreed to let you use a working automobile to charge your dead battery, here are the steps to take, according to Edmunds: Park the two cars close together, but make sure they don’t touch. Then, turn both cars off. Connect the positive jumper cable...

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