Tips to Prevent Teens from Being Distracted

tips to prevent teens from being distracted, Selective Insurance article


Parents will be the first to tell you children are naturally curious creatures. All of us are to a certain degree, regardless of age, and some more so than others.

Though there are several potential explanations for why this may be the case, curious teenagers’ inclinations may derive from the personality trait’s association with attentiveness, researchers believe. As an example, during situations when teens receive text messages, they may feel the need to respond to said texts right away, regardless of whether the situations they’re in warrants it or may be inappropriate.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Six teens die each day from motor vehicle injuries. One of the more troublesome aspects of driving distracted is despite motorists’ understanding of its dangers, many do it regardless.

Here are some tips and topics to discuss with your teenager about the importance of not driving distracted.


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