Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

Many customers assume that an insurance agent is a more expensive way of buying insurance. At first glance, this might make sense. If the agent is the middleman between myself and the insurance company, I would be paying a premium for their service, right? Many customers conclude that they can shop for their own policy online, and save money by purchasing direct from an insurance company.

However, the truth is that an independent insurance agent can ensure you have the best coverage, at the lowest cost, and provide a real value to you and your family.

What Does an Independent Agency Offer?

An Independent Agency, like Shank & Falvey Insurance, offers you two things that a do-it-yourself approach cannot: Service and Choice.

SERVICE An insurance agent acts as your insurance consultant, not a salesperson. Their interest is in getting you the right coverage for your home, auto or business.

Often a customer doesn’t know they have poor coverage until they file a claim. Many customers believe that all insurance policies are the same which they are not. Different policies can lead to gaps in coverage, meaning situations where your insurance will not provide coverage for you or your business. For example, are you fully covered if an uninsured motorist causes an accident? On your homeowner policy, do you get the replacement value of an item or just the current value? Your living room furniture may only be worth $500 today, but replacing it will be a lot more.

An independent insurance agent will ensure you get the right coverage when you buy your policy, and be there to assist you if you ever need to file a claim. An agent can walk you through the claim-filing process and help you get value you deserve if you file a claim.

An insurance claim generally coincides with a very stressful event in your life (such as a car accident or house fire). An experienced insurance agent will be there to assist you and your family if you ever need their help.

CHOICE When you call an insurance company, you will speak to one of their salespeople. Their goal is to sell you a policy from their company. But how do you know you’re getting the best value? You can call twenty different companies to compare rates but do you have time for that? And if you did that, are you knowledgeable enough to compare all the different quotes and different policies so that you are getting an “apples to apples” comparison?

At an independent insurance agency, like Shank & Falvey Insurance, they will compare rates and coverage from a wide range of insurance companies to find you the best rate and coverage for your specific needs. They will have decades of experience, and know the insurance industry. Insurance companies have different ways of evaluating risk. So, based on your specific profile, an insurance agent can find the best discounts available to you from among the various companies and bring those quotes to you for comparison and evaluation.

In Your Community

A local insurance agent knows the area and will get to know their customers. An auto policy for a city resident may be different than for a rural area. But what if you commute to the city every day? What if you tow your camper every summer weekend to the Adirondacks? A local agent knows the area and what questions to ask to ensure your coverage meets your needs.

A local agent will also be there for you as your coverage needs change. Changes in your life can mean adjustments in your insurance needs. Whether it is coverage for a new engagement ring, a new minivan purchase, a swimming pool in the backyard, or taking your 16-year-old for their permit test; each situation calls for a review of your policy by a trusted insurance consultant.

At Shank & Falvey we welcome the opportunity to be your trusted independent insurance agent. Please contact us to learn more.